Conclusions Outpatient Treatment Center - Drug and Alcohol Addiction in Los Angeles

While in recovery people may start having more expectations from the people in their lives. They expect people to understand how they are feeling and the struggle they are going through. Inevitably, some of those people will let a person in recovery down – and this may turn into an excuse to relapse. Those in recovery need to start playing the blame game by allowing others in their life to dictate their future.

Now here is a story that I’m sure many of you can relate to. As you are walking through your local grocery store, you see a person walking out holding two cups of coffee and a doughnut. Being the kind, mannered person you are, you decide to hold the door open for them since you see they can’t use their hands. Then the same person you were trying to help passes right by you without saying a word. No thank you, and no validation of your kindness. Like most people, you may feel a sense of anger or frustration – this is common. You did everything right, yet you walked away discontented from the exchange, simply because you didn’t get your thank you. Why?

Your goal of staying in our Day Treatment and/or Intensive Outpatient programs will be much smoother if you stop having expectations of other people and start expecting things of yourself. Since people are not psychic, they do not know how you feel or what’s in your thoughts – only you do.